Info Sec Training

Various Information Security Courses with advanced curriculum and hands on classes.

Penetration Testing

We provide Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services in order to test your security before anything goes wrong. We provide on-demand services which includes security testing for computer networks, web applications, mobile applications and thick client applications.

Source Code Audit

Our Source Code Review includes a comprehensive inspection through the source code of your product conducted by our highly experienced security engineers. If you think why a review on source code? Well its always better to uncover any security issue before some hacker finds a 0-day and gets a CVE for your product.

Managed Security Services

We provide Managed Security Services in order to make you run your business without any woes of Hackers, intrusions, and advanced attacks. We take care of all this and maintain your organizations confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Analytics training

Premium Certification courses in Analytics, which address the unique needs of working professionals and empowering them in analytical tools, techniques and technologies

Business Intelligence

Financial Analytics (Credit Scoring, Financial Distress Prediction, Risk Modelling & Management, Fraud Detection), Marketing Analytics (Competitive Business Intelligence, Analytical Customer Relationship Management, Customer Retention, Cross Selling), Clinical Analytics (Clinical decision Support System), HR Analytics (Human Resource Planning, Training Measurement, Incentive Modeling),

Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT)

Turn Key Solutions involving design and development of Item Banks, Item and Test Parameters, Item and Test Information, Standardization and Norms formation of Test

Big Data Powered Corporate Solutions

Innovation Management (Innovating new business models,products & services), Enterprise Intelligence Strategy, Big Data Assessment & Proof of Value Generation, Social Mining, IT Strategy alignment

1 Day Workshop

We go to colleges, teach people about Security and Analytics. Make them aware, and what not?

6 Weeks Certification training

Acts as a Partial Fulfillment of Engineering Degree covering “Security” part of development. We also do teach about tools and techniques for machine learning, Data Mining and statistical analysis.

6 Months Certification training

Acts as a Complete Fulfillment of Engineering Degree by imparting complete knowledge of Penetration Testing, Data Analysis, etc. Alike 6 weeks programs, these are pretty more Comprehensive and In depth.


We go to different places and talk about recent trends and current issues in Analytics and Information Security. This we do for creating a general awareness among the students.

How We Stack Up

InfoSec Training
Penetration Testing
Source Code Audits
Managed Security Services
Analytics training
Business Intelligence
Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT)
Big Data Powered Corporate Solutions

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    The folks here at PRAISIA are passionate about Information Security and Big Data Science, and we push both of these to the limits both in terms of functionality and design. While we like to be on the cutting edge, we believe there is a difference between trend and innovation and that it’s our job to figure out which is which. Instead of creating just another Training institute, we set out to do something different, and we think you’ll agree that we did just that. Allow us to introduce you to our new Comprehensive and Industry Ready Courses. Get Registered today!

    We embrace emerging technologies in InfoSec and Predictive Analytics, from soup to nuts. W are here to deliver highest quality of training, be it Analytics or Information Security. Our training programs will help you attain the required knowledge and skill-set for starting off your career into any of these two domains, no matter who you are, an engineer, a student or a working professional, who wants to get off the mark with another skill set. We’d like to hear from you, Get in touch with us today!

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